Who does not appreciate meeting and catching up with old friends and having good time. In the midst of running madly in the race of life and being pulled and pushed by expectations and competition, all of you admire the good old school days where friendship was friendship in its real terms and life was nothing but bliss. Of course the carefree days can never come back but the time so spent can always be reminisced and repeated. An alumni meet is a great place to go nostalgic about all those fun filled days. Meeting once a year and finding all friends and having fun is specifically a Re-Union. But then keeping always in touch and doing more than meeting is the present day Alumni Network

The Alumni Networks today help the respective colleges, its students and also the Alumni in bigger ways. The Alumni itself can form good professional and business networks thus helping each other in trudging successful paths in life. The Alumni associations in many of the engineering colleges in Hyderabad actively participate in mentoring their juniors by providing them guidance about the corporate world and also education. The alumni today also contribute financially for the development of their own Schools and Colleges.

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