Last year Akshay Kumar avidly supported the Indian Premier League (IPL) team Delhi Daredevils. This year, though he is currently shooting in South Africa, he won’t be supporting any of the teams. Even though the IPL involves some members of his own fraternity like Shah Rukh Khan, Shilpa Shetty and Preity Zinta, Akshay intends to maintain his distance.

When quizzed on this matter, he was evasive, “I am shooting during the nights for a TV show. I would like to spend my day time catching up on my sleep, or spending time with my wife and kids who are also here with me.”

But when we probed further we realised that Akshay was excercising caution when it came to being associated with any event featuring Shah Rukh. A source said, “There has been a constant attempt to pitch Akshay against the Khans.

So far, he has fought a lonely battle to develop and maintain his brand name. Since two of his films have not done well this year, attacks to devalue his equity are stronger. There’s a strong attempt to demean his latest film Kambakkht Ishq. He even knows where these attempts are emerging from.”

Akshay said diplomatically, “Right now, I do not want to say anything. I know exactly who these people are and I wish they would do their own work and let me do mine. The day I decide to speak out about them, they won’t know where to hide. I’ve worked really hard on Kambakkht Ishq and I won’t let anyone spoil it for me

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