Slumdog Millionaire’s super success has come as a boon for all parties involved in the film, mostly so for Oscar winners Danny Boyle and A.R Rahman.The latest buzz across the globe is that Danny Boyle has been asked to direct James Bond’s 23rd Film.

‘Slumdog Millionaire’ was ably directed and Danny sure deserves every bit of what he’s getting.In fact, earlier the filmmaker was a bit distressed as there were no takers for this film and they felt it wouldn’t do good business at the box office. Nevertheless, the ‘Rags to Riches’ story struck a chord and the film got international laurels which even the crew never even dreamt about.

Post the Golden Globe and Oscar triumph, the director has been getting many offers, one of which is with Barbara Broccoli, producer of James Bond’s 23rd Film.The buzz is that co-producer Callum McDougal suggested Danny as he had produced Danny’s ‘The Beach’ with Leo DiCaprio and was fascinated by his working style.A source has said, ‘Danny’s intense involvement with the motifs he drops on his script papers is unbeatable by any of the contemporary filmmakers. For sure, he would offer a new-dimensioned James Bond and it’s something about turning spotlights of the entire globe if Danny is there in Bonds’ family’.

Chances are after his winning super score in ‘Slumdog’, the ‘Mozart of Madras’- our very own A.R. Rahman would be a part of the project as well. Actually the news was that they had already talked about working on another international project that’s expected to be based on organized crime in Mumbai. So a Bond film for Rahman too might be likely.It will be interesting to watch Rahman re-tune James Bond’s signature music. These guys sure are going great guns.

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