A political aide is a trusted staff member in a political office who supports a candidate or an elected official by advising, researching, scheduling, fundraising, or writing, among other responsibilities.  This article will show you how to get there through a series of four steps designed to showcase your value and loyalty to a political candidate, ultimately opening the door for you to enter the political arena.
Political Aide
1. Become Politically Aware:
In order to gain a political perspective you must read newspapers, political websites and blogs, in addition to watching news programs and listening to talk radio.  This first step will expose you to a variety of perspectives and opinions, all of which will be important as you begin to formulate your own points of view as to where you stand on the political issues of the day.

2. Become Active in your Community:
Whether you choose to be more vocal at the PTA, help out at a neighborhood soup kitchen, or write a letter to the editor, by taking an interest in the problems of your neighbors, you will help bring about solutions.  Fixing problems is an invaluable skill to have when working in politics.  This step will also introduce you to the people who run your community, providing you with contacts to start building your political network.

3. Attend Political Events:
At this point you should know what candidates and causes you feel strongly about.  Visit their websites, get on their mailing lists and take note when public events are announced in the newspaper or on-line.  You would now want to attend events like town hall meetings, fundraisers, and other official appearances by candidates, as this forum will allow you to hear them pitch their platforms in person, shake their hands, and more importantly, meet the staff members who handle them.  These staffers are the people who can advance you politically.  Get to know them and add them to your contact base.

4. Become a Volunteer on a Political Campaign:
By volunteering your time on a political campaign you will be able to demonstrate on a daily basis your support for a candidate.  The hours are long, the tasks are often tedious and the atmosphere is very competitive, so choose a campaign you feel excited about in order to keep you personally motivated.  If your candidate wins the election, you will most likely be rewarded with a paid staff position as a political aide.  If you are on the losing side, know that the political community is a small one, so keep in touch with your contacts because they will be the key to helping you seize that next opportunity to work in politics.

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