Our Congress and House of representatives need voters support to get elected each time they run for office. Local Governors, Mayors and County seats require people’s votes before they do their jobs too. This is information that can help us get political people elected in our great country on a local and greater level.

1. Register so your vote can be legally counted. If you want to sign up with one specific party, you will only be voting in primaries of that political party. Your ballot will be counted when the total number of votes are counted. Many people do not register within a given time frame and lose the ability to vote. We were given that privilege so we should exercise it.

2. Vote for the person you believe will do the best job. If you don’t vote your opinion and support will never be known. Some countries have a better turn out than our good old U.S.A does. Belgium requires the residents to vote, so there is a very successful turnout in that country. We can have a self mandatory voting record for ourselves and encourage others to vote.

3. Learn all about candidates so you can responsibly vote knowing some essentials about the political figures that are running for office. The Internet, newspapers, flyers, radio, TV, local Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative and other third party meetings can inform you of in depth information about candidates who are running for office.

4. Get involved to talk with neighbors, friends, relatives and other organizations of people to calmly discuss the attributes of each of the candidates. Politics is not a quiet subject anymore. You can say what you have learned and let others say what they know about prospective political leaders.

5. Make phone calls to others to tell of interviews with visiting political candidates. Bring your questions and suggest they bring theirs to the interviewing meetings of those people looking for your vote.

6. Sign up to attend meetings. Offer to accompany someone or give a ride to a meeting, to register, to vote or other political event. Don’t presume they have a ride, when they might not or don’t want to go alone. You will never know if someone wants to go if you do not ask them.

7. Complaining does nothing to solve problems. Find solutions and work toward the resolve. If you do not like your seating Senator, write a letter, call, send a fax, sign a petition or visit your statesman or woman. Let them know your concerns. Expert writing skills are not necessary to state your ideas. You have them in your grasp to listen, tell them how you want them to vote when they are working for you. Be respectful and constantly keep letting them know your views on how you want them to vote when they are in session. Tell them when they have done a good job on supplying you with what is dear to your heart.

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