Salman Khan joined Priya Dutt in the election campaign and on Wednesday he accompanied her in a political rally, where a young man threatened to gun down Salman Khan. A 21 year old youngster Naushad Ali Kureishi, who was in the crowd, said he saw two men talking suspicious and one man was handing a revolver to other, telling something suspicious. Mumbai police is investigating the matter.

Kureishi overheard one of the men saying, ‘Madanpura kaa kaam nahi hua. Idhar kaa kaam to pura karo’. Kureishi then approached Baba Siddiqui and told him about the men. “Siddiqui, who too was in the rally, told me about the matter,” George said. A police team accompanied Kureishi to the spot. “We are investigating the matter. If required we will make sketches of the men,” the officer said.

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