The Texas election results 2010 came as a shocker, particularly as the incumbent Governor Rick Perry managed to fend off the strong opposition in Democrat Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, and went on to win the race for the Governor of Texas. Governor Rick Perry shocked in his re-election to the office of the Governor, for although he had been known to have great popularity among the social conservatives, it was not certain whether he would be able to pull up the 50% majority that was required to end the race in his favor.

However, the fact that the people had elected him once more to the office provide yet another example of the growing anti-Democrat sentiment in the country. However, the fact that really shocks about Rick Perry in the Texas election results 2010, is that this is the third time that he has been elected the Governor of the state, something that is extremely rare. Moreover, it was being widely believed that Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison would be the one capable of toppling the incumbent Governor from his firm hold, something that did not materialize.

As Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison herself commented, her party had tried hard enough to win, but could not hold ground. this may be attributed to the growing hostility towards Washington, and the fact that the Governor’s campaigns had colored her completely in the hues of the White House. At the election party held after he was chosen Governor once more in the Texas election 2010, Rick Perry promised that the state would not allow entry to “Washington politics.”

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