Percy Sutton

Percy Sutton has died at the age of 89. Percy Sutton was a very accomplished man before he died, having worked with Malcolm X, helped rescue the Apollo Theater, and even fought with the Tuskegee Airmen in World War II. Percy Sutton was confirmed to have died by a spokesperson for Governor David A. Paterson, but at the time of this article the cause of his death was unspecified.

Percy Sutton was a key person who fought for equal rights and tried to do everything he could towards that purpose. He had been arrested as a freedom rider, he worked with Malcolm X, and even made himself a millionaire through the communications business. He is credited with a lot during his lifetime, including giving a public voice to African Americans.More recently during his life, Percy Sutton was known as a great politician in New York City, including taking on the role of Manhattan borough president and even ran for mayor of the city of New York. He even opened up a law practice in Harlem after fighting in World War II for the famous Tuskegee Airmen, and has cemented himself time-and-time again as someone that not only fought for equal rights, but put his life on the line to do so.

During his life Percy Sutton accomplished quite a lot, and through it all was married to Leatrice Sutton since way back in 1943. A very accomplished man, Percy Sutton leaves behind a very nice legacy that won’t soon be forgotten in the history of this country and that of the civil rights movements.Percy Sutton died on Saturday, December 26th at the age of 89.

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