Today there are many people with disabilities that use both the computers and the internet. In order to make their work easier there are many accessories which can help them, but the newest one is the Toe Mouse.

Toe Mouse is designed by Liu Yi and it looks like a pair of flip flops. You just put your foot into it and use your toes to click. This device looks quite promising and I’m sure it will find its audience. It was intended to people with upper limb disabilities which cannot use their hands to make mouse moves, so they will be using their feet instead.

So how this new device actually works? Simple enough, you use your big toe as the left click and your pointer toe as the right click and you move the mouse simply my moving your foot. It does all the functions as the regular mouse and since it’s ergonomically designed so you won’t feel sore feet after several hours of use. One great thing about Toe Mouse is that it doesn’t have any cables or wires, it’s completely wireless so you won’t have to worry about tripping over wires and such.

At the moment Toe Mouse is still an early concept and it’s not available for sale, and we don’t have any information about its price but we know that this device is quite a revolutionary solution that will make use of computer easier to people with disabilities when it comes out.

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