Whether you are on the road, between permanent Internet connections, or just plain cheap, you can surf the Web for free. There are two basic ways to get free Web access: with a computer of your own, or with someone else’s computer.

1. Visit your local library if you do not have a computer of your own. Almost all public libraries in the United States currently offer internet services for free, even if you do not have a library card.

2. Assess your options if you own a laptop. Look on the side of your laptop to see if it has a wireless card.

3. Install a wireless modem if your computer does not currently have one. This is an inexpensive one-time installation, and it will enable you to get unlimited wireless internet many places in the city.

4. Find free wireless signals is by looking online for listings of “hot spots” in your city if you own a laptop. Simply traveling with your laptop, and performing trial and error can result in free internet access.

5. Adjust the settings on your laptop so that Wi-Fi signals can be discovered by your computer automatically. Sitting in your own home often allows you to get online from using a public internet connection in your area. Make sure your internal wireless receiver is turned on and that your connections are set to automatically detect and connect to any found Wi-Fi signals. This ensures a smooth connection.

6. Look around for coffee shops, bars, restaurants and other public venues that offer free Wi-Fi access. Remember to follow the one-coffee-purchase-per-hour rule of sitting in a Wi-Fi coffee shop surfing the Web on your laptop. This is a common courtesy to the establishment.

7. Use the yellow pages to call local coffee shops. Ask if they have in-house computers for you to use. Some of these charge, while some just require you buy something.

8. Ask to use the computer of a friend or family member. They are often happy to share. Be considerate towards them and their property, and it inspires more sharing.

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