The best domain name for maximum page views, income, and sales would be a dot com website domain name. But since dot coms are heavily sought after, and simple names are commonly already taken, the best way to attain the perfect domain name is through patience by finding domains which may be soon to expire, or already expired. Here is a step how to do this.
1. The first step in finding a taken domain name that might become available is through web searches.

2. There are many websites that claim to contain soon to expire domain names, but many of these sites are not updated on a regular basis and therefore cannot offer you 100% true and effective information. The best online directories for finding available and soon to be available domain names is by finding a website which provides services to purchase domain names. It is in their best interest to provide you with relevant searches by desired topics to list all domain names currently available to you and taken domain names that can be purchased soon into the future as long as you beat someone else to it.

3. Next you can purchase a taken domain name ahead of time through many websites, and they will give you precise information about whether the domain name is currently taken or not, then provide you an option to reserve the said domain name for yourself upon expiration. This is a very good way of ensuring you get the exact domain name you desire without having to worry about being the first to purchase it without knowing the exact precise date and time the expiration will take effect and then become available for public purchase.

4. Another way to find currently taken domain names that you may want to use is through domain name sales directories, being sure to only use public reputable directories and not through personal transactions for the risk of giving money to a scam artist. These for sale directories are where web owners go to attempt to sell a domain name they either feel they do not need anymore, or to sell an entire website with regular traffic, users, and income for either profit purposes or due to the site owner being no longer able to contribute the needed time to work on the website and keep it up to date.

5. The last way in which someone can find taken domain names that could soon become available is by using popular domain websites and forums for web development, posting what you are looking for and seeing if anyone who carries a domain name similar to what you need is willing to sell it to you for a reasonable price. This would be a last choice resolution due to the risk of scam artists on the internet.

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