There are a number of reasons why a person would want to setup a web camera show on the Internet. If you’re a teacher, it is a good way to connect with and get information to students outside of the classroom. It can be a good way to keep in touch with friends who have moved away. You also just might have something to say and want to set up a show where you discuss daily events or pop culture. Whatever the reason, setting up the technical aspects of the show is the easy part deciding what to talk about is a different matter entirely.

1. Purchase the necessary equipment. For a web camera show, you will need a computer that can handle capturing and editing video. You’ll also need a web camera, which can be purchased at any major electronics retailer. Get one that supports high-quality video capturing.

2. Consider purchasing optional equipment. While you can just get away with having a web camera and an Internet connection, production values will add a lot to your show and help it go a long way toward accumulating repeat viewers. Consider purchasing professional level microphones—as opposed to a standard computer mic. These will record sound at a much higher bit-rate for better audio quality. Think about getting a few lights set up; this will make sure not only that you are well lit to your viewing audience, but that you also standout from the background of whatever place you are recording in.

3. Get a host server. This is the place where your show will be uploaded to and is how people are going to see it. You could upload your show to a free site like YouTube, or purchase your own domain name from a site like and host your videos there.

4. Get software to record your show. After buying and setting up all the necessary equipment, you need a piece of computer software to actually record your video and audio. Audacity is an excellent program for this purpose, which can be downloaded for free at

5. Prepare your show. At this point, consider what it is you’re going to talk about. Will you be editorializing? Is your show comedy-based? Is it more like a news show or will you try to tell a story? Are you going to script it or just talk off-the-cuff? Are you recording in a regular room or are you going to have a backdrop or set design?

6. Record your show. Once your software is installed and your equipment is hooked up, you can begin recording.

7. Edit your show. From within the same program you used to record your show (continuing on with Audacity, for example), you can edit it to remove long pauses and distractions, such as a cat walking into the frame (unless you want that). You can further reduce audio levels to eliminate distracting background noise, delete any comments you made you wish you hadn’t and take out any pauses or utterances like “Um…” and “Uh…”.

8. Upload your completed show to your host server.

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