A web meeting is a live conference wherein the participants, who are in different locations, are connected via the Internet on their respective computers. Many companies now depend on web meetings because they are cost-effective and minimize the safety risks that accompany traveling.
1. Look for the best web conferencing application. It is imperative that you have the best web conferencing application to provide positive experience to all parties involved during a web meeting. Look for an application that supports Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) audio technology so that you can have a completely interactive web meeting. A standard phone line can also be used as an alternative to VoIP. Other features that are typically included in web conferencing applications are PowerPoint or Keynote integration, Virtual Whiteboards, Meeting Recording and Polls and Surveys.

2. Check the compatibility of your computer hardware and software to the web conferencing application. You don’t want computers to lag while you are in the midst of the web meeting, right? So apart from looking for the best web conferencing application, remember to check if all participants have compatible computer hardware and software. You can be sure that the software will run smoothly during the web meeting if you meet the application’s compatibility requirements.

3. Teach the participants how to use the web conferencing application. Conduct trainings or disseminate online modules ahead of time to let the participants know how to use the application.

4. Assign a point person to arrange the web meeting. There should be one person assigned to arrange the web meeting, including the preparation of all the materials that will be used, informing all parties involved of the date and time of the web meeting, sending the meeting invitations via email, and updating all participants of whatever changes that may occur before the said date.

5. Have everyone log on to the application at least 15 minutes before the meeting starts. To ensure that the web meeting will start right on the dot without any interruptions, have everyone log on to the application 15 minutes before the meeting starts. In this manner, all parties involved have enough time to load the web conferencing application and other programs needed for the web meeting.

6. By following the steps outlined above, problems or interruptions are minimized, allowing more time to discuss the topic at hand. With the help of web meetings, companies can now discuss crucial topics and come up with solutions and strategies right at their fingertips.

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