If you are tired of having an email address at one of the many free providers, then maybe you are ready to have your own email address at your own domain. Creating your own domain and email address is easy and not very expensive. It can add a professional touch to your business or simply be a fun thing that you have to give out to friends and family. Read on to learn how to create your own domain email.

1. Find a domain to register. There are millions of sites where you can register your own domain. You can visit a site like GoDaddy or DirectNIC to buy a web domain. Use heir search function to find a website that hasn’t been registered and that is personal to you.

2. Select the type of domain you want. Domains come in all types. You can buy .com, .biz, .us, or even .tv. Select the domain name and type that you want from the site. Add it to your cart and then check out.

3. Buy web hosting. Now that you have a domain, you need to find a host. You can normally buy hosting very cheaply from the company that you bought your domain from. If you decide to use another host, you will need to follow their instructions for changing your nameservers to the ones that they specify.

4. Get an email program. Many people use Microsoft Outlook for an email client or you can use something else. You can even use some of the online web email services like Gmail that allow you to use POP3 email protocol and download your email into their program for viewing from any computer.

5. Configure the email program. You will normally find account options under the “Tools” or “Options” menu of your email program. This is where you tell the program where to retrieve your email. Use your username and password, as well as your email server information (provided by your web hosting company) to set up your email accounts.

6. Test your settings. Send yourself some email from another account and make sure that you can send and receive email properly. If you can, you are ready to start giving out your new email account.

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