As email moves toward becoming our primary communication mechanism in the future, the need for rules and guidelines becomes more evident. The best way to handle your email.

1. For the sake of efficiency and personal effectiveness on the job, do not check your email more than three times per day. In the morning, at lunch and in the late afternoon is plenty. Further do not spend more than one hour per day handling email communications unless it is directly work related.

2. Always be brief and to the point in your email communications to others. Pontificating on one point or another is best accomplished in person and realize that emphasis is lost or misinterpreted many times in an email.

3. Do not forward chain letters or silly jokes all over the office at work. Many people are annoyed by these nuisance communications and this will make you look like a slacker. Your email at home, provided you don’t work from home is fine to forward jokes or stories.

4. Sending pictures or videos is sometimes appropriate but be cognizant of the fact that some people may have problems viewing the material. Imbedded pictures are one possibility but some folks still have dial up service and these emails may take too long to load.

5. If you get inundated with marketing emails, go in and take yourself off these lists. Use a spam filter and get rid of anything that comes in as spam without reviewing it. Don’t waste your precious time on junk email.

6. Tell anyone who copies you on emails that you are not interested in reading to take you off their cc list unless it is critical for you to be notified of the email content.

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