Have your ever felt the need to connect to your desktop PC from your iPhone or the iPad or the Android phone and wondered it was quite as fast as possible? If you did, then the Splashtop Remote App is the one you should go for. Splashtop remote application does just that.  The App is available on the Apple itunes store for just $2.99, a nice investment for people on the go.

If you have a static IP address at your office, you can just feed in that and get connected. Or if you have a dynamic IP, you can even use the gmail sign in feature to get connected to your PC. All you have to do is enter your gmail credentials and an access password into the Splashtop Streamer options on your desktop once. Everytime your PC is switched on the Splashtop Streamer activates itself and logs into your gmail ID. All you have to do to get connected to your PC from your phone or iPad is to enter an access password and you are connected instantly with your PC.

Flash content on your iPad

You can edit files on the desktop or do anything as if you are working on the desktop PC. Its a very powerful and value for money apps in compared to costly applications like GoToMyPC. The interesting part of the Splashtop App is that it even streams the audio which most remote streaming apps are not capable of. You can access your powerpoint presentations with complete sound for your briefings on your iPad! Also you can watch flash movies or content which your iPad otherwise is not capable of. Just show your friends that your iPad can indeed play flash movies! In fact you can play any software or OS which your iPad is not capable of through the Splashtop Remote.

Even though I would not recommend the app for small screen devices like the iPhone or the Android small phone, its certainly cool on iPad and other Android powered tablets. Android Market link for Splashtop Remote.  The product has been claimed to be tested on a variety of Android tablets like Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Dell Streak, HTC Incredible, Nexus One and Motorola Droid. They presently have a free version for Sony Tablets and other two versions, one standard and one HD.

Conclusion: Its the fastest available remote desktop application for tablets. Whatever technology they have used to make it faster has paid off. The desktop PC’s resolution is automatically adjusted on connection to deliver fast images and instant response.


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