Ever wondered about a easy method to record your daily expenses and manage your finances? A product launched by MoneyControl.com does just that. Its called the Intuit Money Manager and costs just Rs.365 a year, that’s just Re.1 per day.  Product for Indians.

So what makes the Intuit Money Manager so special. One of the features is its ability to get statements from the banks directly if you already have net banking enabled. You need not worry about entering your login credentials as the site uses the same security as provided by the banks. It also offers a free trial period for those who want to test it before buying. Once you import the data from your bank account you can categorize and rename the expenses and incomes  and the Intuit money manager shows the analysis of the breakup of expenses and income very nicely.

Apart from these, you can also set goals for expenses and get alerts when you are exceeding those goals. Also you can sms from your mobile phones and get the expenses feeded directly into your Intuit Money Manager account. Example: SMS “cash 1000 petrol” – This will add automatically to your account under the petrol (travel expenses).

Give it a try if you want to manage your finances in the least possible time. Click here for Intuit Money Manager by Moneycontrol.com

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