When one goes for a VPS Hosting, one has many options: To go for a managed VPS or an unmanaged one and there are a lot of web hosting companies selling the VPS. Indeed if you are not comfortable with the details of a VPS like the shell window or linux then managed VPS hosting is the best option for you.

If you wish to go the hard way round, Linode is the best unmanaged VPS you will find in todays market. Just load Nginx on Linode and you are ready to fire. The site would work like a charm. Rainbowskill.com is hosted on Linode.com and uses Nginx instead of the regular Apache and it delivers in style keeping the load on the servers low and minimum. If you enjoy browsing the site with speed then the reason behind it is the unmatched service by Linode ( Short for Linux Node).  Any pro-blogger should seriously consider shifting to Linode for better performance.

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