Whether the world ends in 2012 or not, IP addresses in the present format of 12 digits is all set to get exhausted. At present the Internet uses the system of IPv4 which looks like  ( All numbers between 0 and 255). However, as every domain, every internet connection in the world should have a unique IP address, these will get exhausted soon.


When you open a website in a browser by typing example www.google.com , a message is sent to a DNS ( Domain Name Server) to convert the domain into IP which identifies the server on which the site is hosted. So IP or Internet Protocol plays a very important role in identification of a website or connection.

Introducing IPv6: Starting from Windows Vista operating system Microsoft has made all OS version capable of IPv6. Earlier operating systems did not support IPv6. So what exactly is IPv6? Its a series of alphanumeric blocks divided by colons (Exactly Eight) Example-  2012:d54:o:o:o:o:6t7:yt8 . Might look complicated in the beginning as its not just numbers but a combination of alphanumeric letters. Its designed in such a way that it will not get exhausted in generations to come.

Presently if you are using Windows 7 or any latest operating you can just check the properties of the connection and check out the fields for IPv6. It doesn’t show four fields like in the old system. It shows a single field where the IP can be entered.

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