Sorry, this address has been blocked by the administrators. How many times has this popped up on your browsers? Tried to bypass these sites but can’t do a thing?

1. There is nothing more frustrating than to open a perfectly legitimate site, only to find it filtered by your internet hosts. Plan to increase productivity or covert conspiracy to brainwash? You decide, but for the most part you must understand that there are many different motivations to filter access to the internet. These motivations in turn drive what method they use to implement filtering.

2. There are several ways administrators block addresses. Some resort to TCP/IP Filtering. This can be a double edge sword: creating a list of all the blocked IP addresses will make your routers
instantly drop all the packets destined for these addresses. However, popular websites
like Facebook and YouTube have hundreds of ever-changing IP addresses. Keeping track of them would be like tracking a certain cloud on a windy day. Also, several websites share IP addresses
with other websites so blocking one IP does not necessarily mean that you block only one website.

3. Some say that filtering the contents of the TCP/IP packets is the answer, instead of blocking the IP entirely. This process is very refined and at the same time very tedious. It would take a highly meticulous person to get this implemented. But even so, the problem of packets would inevitably arise. Many of the keywords that this filter uses may be split over a universe of data packets. End result would be, again, blocking more than you would want.

4. So what exactly can you do as an end-user? How can you punch holes into your Firewall?
Simply entering ‘bypass internet filter’ on your search bar can introduce you to a plethora of information on how to do it. There are video instructions, reviews, articles, and a whole lot of other resources for this kind of problem.

5. Using HTTP proxies. For instance, you will find out that you can beat HTTP proxy filtering at its own game by using other HTTP proxy sites. This method can be considered as simple, quick, and sneaky. Another quick Google search can show you several applications available in the market which can help you against filtering.

6. Tunneling. For anti-filtering software, the idea is to create an encrypted and secure path directly from your computer to a secure server provided by a third party. By doing this, you can bypass the Firewall set up by your administrator. How to create the tunnel will be up to the software. Hopefully you choose one that can do the job well. Also, make sure that software you are using won’t do more harm than good, like introduce your pc to viruses, Trojans, or other malicious programs.

7. When accessing the Internet through a tunneling software, make sure you are protected with encryption. Some tunneling services encrypt your data  with 256-bit cipher, which is considered very strong. This secure tunnel ensures that your network administrator will not be able to see the data you are transferring. This can also be a good way to protect against potential hackers.

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