Black and White Twins

A British mom Kylie Hodgson, gave birth in 2005 to twins. One of each is one black and the other is white.  Experts said that the odds of such a birth are about a million to one. Although occurrences of this nature sometimes occur due to  a woman conceives twins fathered by two different men, this was a much rarer case in which a single pairing produced twins with distinctly different physical attributes for example these may include  skin tone, hair color, eye color rather than a blending of their parents characteristics. The parents Kylie and Remi Horder are of mixed race themselves that is both having born to white mothers and black fathers. Their twin girls named Kian and Remee  were both born with blue eyes, with Remee having blonde hair and Kian having black hair and somewhat darker skin than her sister.  Remee’s skin tone has become lighter, while Kian’s has become darker and her eyes have turned brown. Following one is photo of such a cute sister…………….

Twin Sisters, Twin boys delivered the same day…………..

21 year’s old twins Ashlee Spinks and Andrea Springer both delivered twin boys by Caesarean section at Northside Hospital which is from Georgia, USA at the same day.

The mothers who did not use fertility drugs to conceive  were 6 months pregnant when they discovered they were both carrying twin boys and were both due on the very same day.

This one in a million coincidence is attributed mainly to the fact that not only for Ashlee and Andrea have an obvious history of twins in their family, but both their husbands families also have a history of twins.

World’s Oldest Twins………

You know these old twins are of 100 years old.

Kinsan Ginsan was the affectionate name give to twin sisters. These twins are from Japan who were record-setting in terms of their longevity. Gin and Kin are the names of these sister & these names mean  mean silver and gold in Japanese. And these twins born on 1 August 1892 in Nagoya which is at 270km (170 miles) west of Tokyo. Kin was the elder daughter and Gin was the younger daughter. Tests proved that they were identical twins, although for some reason they had different blood types.

In 1991 they celebrated being about to reach 100 years of age and were featured in a newspaper article in which the mayor of Nagoya met both of them and congratulated them. They became national celebrities in Japan. Kin died in 2000 and Gin in the next year, at the age of 108.

Twins separated at birth in Mexico, meet each other by chance in US……………

20 years ago, twins separated at birth  in Mexico had an unexpected reunion after one of the girls enrolled at a university in Long Island. Tamara Rabi had no idea Adriana Scott existed until students began confusing her with the other girl.

The girls were adopted by different sets of parents in the US. Tamara grew up with Jewish parents on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Adriana was raised a Catholic in a Long Island suburb of the city. But each girl had no idea she had a twin until Tamara moved to Long Island last autumn.

People she had never met claimed to know her. Confusion gave way to astonishment when a friend told her that he knew someone so similar they had to be sisters. Her name was Adriana and she went to another university not far away on Long Island……………….

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