Giant chipmaker Intel and mobile-phone maker Nokia have released initial code to developers to test the new open-source MeeGo platform. The platform is a merger between Intel’s Moblin and Nokia’s Maemo projects that was announced in February.

Nokia and Intel released the initial version of the operating system as the next step in the merger of two software platforms. MeeGo, which is Linux-based, was created to run on multiple hardware platforms and on a slew of computing devices, including in-vehicle infotainment, smartphones, netbooks and connected televisions.

“This is a result of many months of work by the Maemo and Moblin developers,” said Suzy Ramirez, an Intel spokesperson. “The project release of MeeGo version one is targeted for second quarter 2010, with products coming in the second half of 2010.”

A Development Release

So what does opening the new OS mean for the open-source community? Developers now have access to the distribution infrastructure and the operating system from the Linux kernel up to the middleware layer, according to Ramirez.

Thursday’s initial release of MeeGo is so developers can download and test it.

“For developers, this software is not yet meant for application development, but for creating the platform itself,” Ramirez said.

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