Webcasting involves streaming video over the Internet to groups of viewers, similar to broadcasting but over the Internet. While webcasting used to take the resources of large companies, almost anyone can webcast themselves now.

1. First Webcast:
The student-run radio station in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, WXYC, was the first webcast in history as the station was made available over the Internet in November 1994.

2. Special Interests and Webcasting:
In 1996, a nonprofit organization was formed, The International Webcasting Association seeks to “support the growth of individual member companies from their investment strategies to legal and regulatory issues to education through key research studies.”

3. Getting Married in Front of Whole World:
A sub-group of webcasting, known as “wedcasting,” involves streaming video of a wedding over the Internet.

4. Getting into Act:
The Library of Congress maintains its own collection of webcasts. Webcasts are also provided by many large media companies on a variety of topics from gardening shows to live wrestling.

5. You Too Can Webcast:
Website, such as Ustream, allow individuals to set up their own webcasts and broadcast content that is accessible all over the world.

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