There are many ways to attract traffic but anyways I will come directly to the point, if you require some lovely & heavy traffic then you can use the services of the social bookmarking sites. Make sure that you use the best of the sites i.e. like digg, twitter, stumbleupon, reddit etc. In all these Digg is the best site available to attract users. For an example, If your web-site gets to the front page of digg for 10 minutes, you are likely to get 10,000 page views but well, there is a problem in getting to that and it is not easy as well. There would be plenty of sites on the front page competing for that spot. So what would make your web page or your story stand out? Why people should see your webpage? Why will they even bother to click on that? The fact is that they won’t do those themselves. You have to compel them to do that by doing certain things. Follow these tips which I think should help you a lot to bring your post to the first page,

1) Make sure you write a lovely title, a lovely description to make people feel in fact compel people to come & see your webpage.

2) When visitors come don’t ever disappoint them with some crappy content. Have some lovely content & information so that they think that it is worth visiting your site.

3) If powerful DIGG users like Kevin Rose etc DIGG you, then you have a great chance of getting more diggs in the next few seconds. So try to impress famous diggers and get a digg from them.

4) If you have some CMS like a blog or something, there are some plug-in available for DIGG which will give you buttons. Just activate that plug-in(read the instructions from the place where you download the plug-in) and place the button above or below your content. They can help you a lot. Get one of them! Though there are many plug-in I personally recommend digg digg because it also gives buttons for other social sites as well.

5) There are things that is often overlooked & that is at the time of submission. You should submit your story or webpage at that time when most of your friends are online so that they can DIGG or stumble it for you. It is useless to submit when you know that it is going to be buried sooner than later.

At last, I would like to add a word that is nothing but, these are “unstable” means of getting traffic. If you require some serious traffic, go for Search Engine Promotion & other practices.

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