Instagram has added new terms and rules for its users stating that all photos uploaded to Instagram are owned by them.  These set of changes has angered the online community as they see it as a beginning of website giants entering their private space. Earlier too fingers were pointed out at Google and Facebook but this time, the terms change from Instagram came as a surprise to many.

Breach of Privacy
Instagram Terms – a Breach a Privacy

Many  groups and forums were launched immediately to protest the decision in many countries including the United States. Some of the groups also have warned of group deletion of all their photos from Instagram.

Instagram on its side, has given an immediate assurance that they respect user’s privacy and all the photos of the users will be with its user. The question however, which remains to be answered is “Why a need of terms arouse at the first place?”  Instagram’s new terms states that any photo uploaded by user can be used for advertisement purpose by Instagram which was acquired by Facebook. This move has angered photographers all around the world and has seriously damaged the reputation of Instagram with regard to privacy issues.

Around 800000+ Instagram users are protesting on twitter with the hashtag #BoycottInstagram . You too can join the campaign if you wish Instagram to pullback the terms they newly introduced on Monday 17th Dec, 2012.

Many feel that there should be some respect of the freedom of speech allowed by these Internet companies. In many cases, freedom is used as a bait to catch something big. – In this case, to get photos for advertisement / earnings purpose. However, the user should have a choice to allow or not allow rather than changing the terms all together.




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