One day left for Apple iPad tablet release date: features, review, pictures, cost & specs. The long-waiting of Apple fans for its new tablet iPad is to end. The day of iPad’s release is a couple of days away now. Indeed Apple lovers and techie people have entirely involved in analyzing the market prospects of the new gadget, which was described as a revolutionary device by Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Apple officially introduced iPad late in January in a most media-hyped function. Apple then said that iPad will land in markets in April.

Since then, media, especially online media have been very much engaged in discussions about the device. Apple top officials occasionally appeared and added flavor to the media buzz. Of course, the device was majorly touted as a wonderful gadget for e-reading during all these hooplas. However, in e-reading scenario, iPad has a big existing threat from Amazon’s the Kindle. Critics have so far indicated that Apple iPad is a bit heavier than Kindle, a real setback as the device being an e-reader.

Apple iPad has two models; a Wi-Fi and a Wi-Fi /3-G combo model. At the initial stages of its availability in the market this month, Apple will only avail the former model, but in various memory suits in a range between 16GB to 64GB. Storage options will slightly increase rate of the device. The next model a Wi-Fi /3-G combo will be available at the end of April. Needless to say, this model will carry an advanced price tag too, possibly a $130 addition to the rate of Wi-Fi models.

Apple iPad will come up with a magic onscreen keypad. Furthermore, Apple iPad package will include an iPad case, a charging adapter and a physical keypad. But, Apple has recently said that due to some unforeseen reasons, iPad accessories will not be delivered to the consumers with the package this weekend.

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