A political advisor spends days dealing with power, policy and prestige. But it’s a stress-filled job, with long hours and big egos. Climbing the ranks to becoming an advisor can be a long journey. Use these steps to become a political advisor.

1. Get a college degree. Almost all political advisors have a college degree and many have post graduate diplomas. Law, business, communications and political science are all popular majors for political advisors.

2. Become involved in politics–the earlier the better. Volunteer for campaigns, be knowledgeable about the election process or join a special interest group. Most of all, learn the political process and how it works. Stay informed about current events.

3. Gain experience. Work as a political aide, a lobbyist or a political analyst for a corporation or non-profit organization.

4. Learn a variety of skills. Writing, public speaking, research, showing charisma and using stress reduction techniques are all desirable skills for a political advisor.

5. Develop an area of expertise. For example, if the goal is to be a advisor to an elected official, be an expert in election topics, such as polling, or be knowledgeable of specific issues, like business or tax codes.

6. Talk to other political advisors. Ask for advice and employment leads. Political advisors interact frequently and keep informed about openings in other offices or companies.

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