Sanjay Dutt is praying hard that the Supreme Court rules in his favour on March 30. To this end he is fasting for all nine days this Navratri, which commenced today. On March 30, the Supreme Court will hear a petition filed by Sanjay seeking a stay on his conviction under the Arms Act in connection with the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case. As a means to get his heart’s desire, Sanjay will be fasting on all nine days this Navratri, which commences today. Sanjay, who was named by the Samajwadi Party as its candidate from Lucknow for the forthcoming general elections, had moved the Supreme Court seeking suspension of his conviction. Sanjay can only contest the Lok Sabha polls if he gets a stay.

A source close to Sanjay said, “Sanjay is worried about the Supreme Court’s decision. He has taken to politics with a lot of enthusiasm. He doesn’t want anything to go wrong now.”Commenting on what exactly Sanjay will be doing this Navratri, the source added, “Sanjay will have only one meal a day. He will break the fast only in the evening. Moreover, he will not have any non vegetarian food.”

Dharam Oberoi, CEO, Sanjay Dutt Productions, confirmed and said, “Yes, Sanjay has started fasting from today. He will not have any non vegetarian food. He fasts every Navratri, which falls before Diwali. This is the first time that he will also be fasting during this Navratri, which comes around Gudi Padwa. And yes, he is doing it so that all goes well in the Supreme Court and the forthcoming elections.”

“Sanjay has had a difficult life but he has always fought back. Hopefully, this time too, he will emerge a winner,” said a source close to Dutt family.

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