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BJP loses Mamta and West Bengal because of stupidity of Gujarat Chief Minister Modi on the Nano deal.

BJP and its newly popularised C.M has played a nasty game that can cause them the Parliament in the next election.Allowing Ratan Tata to estabilish in Gujarat is the biggest blunder BJP and its Modi and company has made.A loss of 42 seats in the parliament can be very costly for BJP and the NDA alliance.

Raj Thackeray justifies MNS agitation against north Indians ,C.M Vilasrao Deshmukh promised stern action -A civil war in Maharashtra?

MNS workers on sunday attacked 13 railway board examination centers in and around Mumbai protesting ‘inadequate representation’ to locals.

“THe government will not tolerate gundagiri”,Deshmukh added.”

India’s lead cowman ,the Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav demanded a ban on the MNS ,calling Thackeray a “mental case”.

Muzaffarnagar court issues a non- bailable warrant against the Shahi Imam of Delhi Jama Masjid Syed Ahmad Bukhari.

A Muzaffarnagar court on Saturday issued a non-bailable warrant against the Shahi Imam of Delhi Jama Masjid Syed Ahmad Bukhari for not appearing before it in a 2007 case related to violation of election code of conduct.

Chief Judicial Magistrate Renu Rao directed the police to produce Bukhari and the UDF leader Sadir Ali in the court on November 22 after they failed to appear on Saturday.

India tells Sri Lanka -Respect the Rights of Tamils

PM Manmohan Singh asked the Sri Lankan President Mahindra Rajapaksa that there could be no military solution to the conflict in the island country and asked the President of Sri Lanka to start a political process for peacefully negotiated settlement within a framework of a united Sri Lanka, the PM’s Office said.

BJP will formulate a law,which is more stringent than POTA to tackle Jihadi terrorism.

“We will enact a law which is more stringent than POTA to fight terrorism”, Singh who is here to attend the party function told reporters in a reply to a question whether POTA will be brought back if BJP comes to power.

“The biggest threat the country is facing today is ‘jihadi’ terrorism.UPA government ‘s evasive response and lack of strong will to counter the challenges posed by different terrorists groups has crated an atomosphere of insecurity and the fear in the country”, said Singh.

Modi’s letter to Mamata and Buddhadev is a great lesson for Bengal -work culture must change , communism must go away forever.

It may seem a big lecture after eating the spoils, but the letter from Gujarat CM Modi to West CM Buddhadev Bhattacharya and opposition leader Mamta Bannerjee is a great lesson to watch for all those who believe in lazy work culture.

“We can’t forget that the Marxists were once opposed to industrialisation policy will only help retain the people’s confidence ,”Modi said in an open letter to both Bhattacharjee and Mamta.

Maya snubs Sonia-withdraws land for Sonia’s pet rail coach project.

The UP govt.has cancelled the allotement of land for a rail coach factory in Rao Bareli,which was to be inaugurated by AICC chairperson Sonia Gandhi on oct 14.

Indian PM Manmohan Singh is meeting leaders of different political parties in Kashmir.

PM Dr Manmohan Singh is meeting leaders of different political parties here in the evening after dedicating to people the Baglihar Hydroelectric Power Projected at Chanderkote, Ramban in Jammu region today.

The meeting is being held ,about 48-hours after a three-member Election Commission OF India(ECI),headed by Chief election Commissioner N Gopalaswami held detailed interactions with the representatives of seven national and three state recognised political parties and sought their view points with respect to the forthcoming Elections to the Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly.

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  1. “BJP loses Mamta and West Bengal because of stupidity of Gujarat Chief Minister Modi on the Nano deal.”

    I totally disagree with this piece of news. Firstly, BJP by itself doesn’t have any existence in West Bengal. It won zero seats in the 2004 general elections and then exhibited similar performance in 2006 assembly elections. So the direct impact of this action of Modi on BJP is zero. Now lets talk about the indirect impact in terms of NDA losing an alliance partner. The only probable alliance of BJP/NDA in WB could be Mamata Banerjee, who has not shown any strength in winning any elections. She was expelled from the congress in 1997 after which her party has fought three general elections till date. In 1998 and 1999 elections her party won around 8 seats of the total 42. In 2004 her party won just 1 seat. In 2006 assembly elections, trinamool congress won only 30 out of the 270 odd assembly seats. To expect her to win all the 42 seats in the 2009 elections would be outright naive. Given her past performance, she would do pretty well to win even 10 seats. She is a maverick and one can never predict her actions. There is a high possibility that she will ally with NDA again if she smells a ministership. THis action of Narendra Modi will not have any bearing on her decision. Modi did the right thing by inviting investment in his state which will put the entire BJP in a positive light. The will come across as preachers and practitioners of development.

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