Tuscany is a coastal region of northern Italy, famous for its rolling hills, historic villages and vineyards. Tuscan-style home interiors have rustic touches and are infused with warm colors found in nature around Tuscany.

1. Color Palette and Lighting:
To decorate in Tuscan style use warm yellows, earthy terra cottas, beiges and deep, dark blues. The colors should resemble earth, stone, water and wood, and lighting should soothe the senses in every way.

2. Walls:
Walls should be textured either with a faux-finish or stucco. Cover the walls with picturesque murals, a trompe l’oeil that complements the decor, or an elegant piece of wrought ironwork. Walls should be painted in light colors, with the furnishings and floors providing the contrast.

3. Furnishings:
Choose large, dark pieces of upholstered and solid wood furniture. Furnishings in Tuscan-style rooms are simple but substantial. A large couch facing a fireplace, a center coffee table, a chair, and one or two side tables will complete the room. A Tuscan-style room should never be cluttered.

4. Flooring:
Rich, terra cotta floors covered with large, antique, woven floor rugs are very much in the Tuscan style, as are shining marble and dark hardwood floors. Don’t use wall-to-wall carpeting if you want an authentic Tuscan decor.

5, Accessorize:
Choose large, iron candle sconces for your living room and dining room. Hang copper pots openly from a finely crafted, wrought iron structure in your kitchen. Place cast iron planters on the wall, and use wall hangings with images of the Tuscan countryside or vineyards.

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