Watching a movie with the whole family is probably one of the best bonding moments that each member is looking forward to, even more so if it is done in your home. Instead of having outdoor activities, it was observed that once in a while, having quality time spent with your loved ones at home can be a better way to have unity within the family, encourage open communication, and maintain a good relationship towards each other. Many families, especially those who have the means to do so, set up a certain area in their house as a theater room, complete with a digital projector, expensive big screen, chairs and other equipment just like those found in a real theater. And it is not just simply a theater room per se, but there are efforts to make it more appealing thus adding more excitement to those who are watching. Some people are very meticulous as to the design of the room such as the arrangement of the seats in particular.
1. Theater chairs:
This one is basically a theater inspired arrangement to have that cinema feel. Design is not really a factor though some try to make modifications for a more convenient cinema-like theater room of their own.

2. Performing arts seating:
In a performing arts center, theater seating is a fundamental part of its appearance. Here, you have the option to experiment on the arrangement of the seats, just see to it that you have no difficulty while watching. There is variation here, from the architectural designs of any historical period to the modern era.

3. Venue seating:
For those who have a bigger space, this is the most advisable for you to maximize the area. In this, seats are simply aligned as desired. This one is commonly used and indeed very practical. Less effort is applied.

4. Home theater design:
Perhaps this is practically the most unconventional for there is no really specific standard. Whatever design you imagine that suits your taste, so be it. The sky is the limit as to the design, that is, there is enough room for improvements every now and then. It should be cool and comfy.

5. Media room seating:
It’s some kind of an educational type of seating wherein a certain long table is surrounded with seats, so the movie viewers may face each other once in a while. This is actually the best for those who have students.

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