Decorating has always been a favorite activity of new homeowners and apartment dwellers. If you have relocated to an apartment with a pint-size bedroom that seems to be impossible to decorate, don’t be disheartened. Soon you will be able to transform your small, cramped and cluttered sleeping quarters into the nightly retreat you have always dreamed of.

1. Bring in the light. Proper lighting will make your pint-size bedroom appear larger than it actually is. Choose sheer window coverings in order to allow natural light to saturate your room during the day. There are four types of lighting that professional interior designers incorporate into the design of each room they decorate; take a note from the professionals and incorporate the lighting in your small bedroom. The types of lighting are ambient, task, decorative and accent lighting.

2. Say hello to storage. Eliminating clutter is essential to the success of your bedroom decorating project. Because of their size, small bedrooms cannot handle a large quantity of items because it will make the bedroom appear cluttered. Cut back on clutter by using ingenious modes of storage. Store your shoes and out-of-season apparel under your bed in storage containers. Purchase multitasking pieces of furniture, such as a window bench that doubles as an ottoman that doubles as a storage compartment and a window bench that doubles as a storage chest.

3. Choose a theme. Decorating your small bedroom around a theme will make the finished product appear as if it were decorated by a professional interior designer. Choose a theme that you wouldn’t mind waking up to each morning. Themes can be extracted from your textures in nature, colors or perhaps a favorite movie, such as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

4. Create a focal point. Small bedrooms that do not have focal points allow the eye to wander throughout the entire bedroom, in turn making the room appear smaller. Create a focal point in your bedroom that instantly draws in the eye by choosing a large piece of furniture, art or décor. Examples of focal points that are ideal for small bedrooms are large mounted mirrors, large colorful pieces of art and a 4-foot freestanding vase.

5. Accessorize. No bedroom decorating project is complete without accessories. Choose accessories that are proportionate to the overall size of your room and main pieces of furniture in order to keep a balanced look. Stay true to the theme of your bedroom. If you choose a blue theme for your bedroom, incorporate accessories that are blue themselves or complement your overall color scheme. Keep your accessories to a minimum; it’s easy to clutter a small bedroom with a large quantity of accessories.

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