Luxury home decor covers everything from marble pillars to the crystal collection, the original oil paintings to the oyster shell damask table linens. Living in luxury denotes a lifestyle where nothing is lacking and no expense is spared. Does luxury home decor mean just buying the most expensive thing available in every category? No, it means furnishing and decorating in the best taste, the highest quality–and often the highest price range, too.

1. Authenticity:
True luxury home decor calls for authenticity and not mimicry. If there are oil paintings or watercolors, they are originals, not copies or reproductions. If there is leather, it is real and smooth as butter, not imitation. One-of-a-kind collector’s pieces from foreign travels may be showcased. Rare and precious pieces will be everywhere. Of course, the silver is sterling, the drinkware is crystal, the china is heirloom or designer. Solid wood furniture, doors and trims are cherry, mahogany, walnut or oak all the way through, never hollow, and never veneer. Yes, everything is the finest available, but it is also the original, the real and the authentic.

2. Artistry:
We think of artistry in paintings and in sculpture, but in luxury decor, it is everywhere. The mirrors and accessories, the fabrics and textiles, the architecture and interior design–all reflect originality and artistry. The selection of artistic elements requires unerring taste.Whether artistry occurs in the rare and precious, or the natural and simple, it will have lasting beauty that crosses the boundaries of culture and time.

3. Originality:
Luxury home decor is full of surprises, originality and “wow” moments. It might be a chest of drawers reminiscent of a staircase, an exotic floral arrangement, a two-story original painting from the landing to the third story, or a priceless collection of art nouveau blown glass arranged on spiraling shelves. Unique and spectacular, but always in good taste and of the finest quality. Quite often, these original, showcased items will be one-of-a-kind, impossible to duplicate and unforgettable.

Often, those desiring true luxury in home decor call on professional interior designers to help them express their personality and taste in furnishings and treasured items. Interior designers are not only aware of decorating trends and no-nos, they have access to furnishings and materials nonprofessionals do not.

5. Insight:
#  Only a small percentage of people actually have or want luxury home decor. The wealthy, the connoisseur and the very fortunate may be able to have this high-end lifestyle. But to most, other things in life are more important than having the best of everything. Yet, if you can manage to have one or two luxury furnishings, accessories, or treasures, be sure to enjoy and appreciate them.

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