This song is really true, “There’s no place like home for the holidays.” Yet many of us find that we must celebrate Christmas away from home. While it can be difficult to find your holiday cheer, you can still celebrate Christmas the way you prefer.
Celebrate Christmas
1. Plan ahead:
There are many Christmas traditions that you can do while you are away from home. Consider what traditions you enjoy celebrating and plan to take the things with you that you need to do so. For example, if you read “Twas the Night Before Christmas” every year, take a copy with you.

2. Ship your gifts:
If you know your destination ahead of time, ship your gifts. You should wrap your gifts before packing them for shipping. This way the gifts will arrive ready to be opened, and you did not have to travel with them.

3. Tell people your expectations:
Every family has its own traditions and ways that they celebrate Christmas. If you are going to stay with relatives, let them know what your family expects at Christmastime. Ask how you can help to ensure that the most important traditions are fulfilled.

4. Have Christmas before you go:
For some people, the traditions of Christmas are more important than the day Christmas is celebrated. If you are going to be away from home at Christmas, try scheduling Christmas on a different day. Schedule Christmas in July and celebrate Christmas on July 25.

5. Stay connected:
If you will be away from home at Christmas, and your family will be at home, stay connected to the activities. Sing Christmas carols over the phone, or schedule times to use a web camera to watch as activities are celebrated.

6. Find a place that celebrates Christmas:
Today more and more commercial businesses celebrate for Christmas. As vacation travel becomes more popular at Christmastime, some tour-oriented businesses such as cruise lines and resorts are offering traditional Christmas celebrations.

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