Being diagnosed with diabetes shouldn’t stop you from enjoying life. Although having diabetes presents some travel challenges, travel to exciting locations is still possible. Remaining safe while traveling with diabetes involves a few strategic decisions.

1. Pack quick snacks for easy access during your trip. Items like cheese cubes and crackers can provide nourishment in between meals. Include items like orange juice and hard candy for a quick sugar boosts. Bring double the amount of food you think you’ll need to account for travel delays. Use insulated containers to ensure al foods are kept at appropriate temperatures.

2. Schedule plenty of rest and assessment periods during your trip. Traveling can make you unusually tired or excited. Stick to a regular schedule of insulin checks to stay on top of your situation. Rest your feet whenever possible to prevent injury and relieve stress. Over-exerting yourself could lead to nausea, dizziness, or even more serious complications like loss of consciousness.

3. Explain your condition when possible. Travel with a companion who’s well-versed on your condition and treatment regimen. Wear medical bracelets and tags that can alert others to your condition in case you become unable to speak. Carry a water-proof folder with detailed insurance and contact information for emergency use.

4. Consult to a diagnostic check up before your trip begins. Get applicable tests to ensure your diabetes is being controlled by your current treatment regimen. Adjust medications and habits to reflect test findings and doctor recommendations. Fill needed prescriptions prior to your trip to ensure you have access to appropriate medications.

5. Bring a durable case of supplies. Pack insulin and syringes in a crush-proof container to ensure their safety. Take along extra batteries for your blood glucose meter. Use plastic storage bags to prevent spills.

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