If you have or ever experienced foot pain, these natural tips can help stop foot pain in a natural way.That will mean less pain, or no pain without side effects.

1. The feet are so important to our well being since we depend on them to function without pain so we can do what we need to do. When our feet hurt, our entire body suffers. Here are some natural ways to stop foot pain. Make sure your shoes are proper fitting. Have the shoe be the right length, width and contour properly to your foot. Walk around soon after trying on shoes before you buy them so you can get an idea how your foot feels. Do not buy shoes that are the wrong size to begin with since this leads to pressure points being antagonized and pain will ensue.

2. The activity should be considered in selection the proper foot wear. We can diminish or eliminate foot pain if our selected shoe reflects the activity we will be pursuing for that foot wear. If you must put painful shoes on for a special event, bring along a comfortable pair of shoes to slip into when the event is finished. This will prevent or stop foot pain from occurring.

3. Good hygiene and foot care is essential for stopping foot pain. Longer toe nails inhibit our way of walking, so trim them at least once a month. Clean feet will have a better chance of avoiding bacteria that can cause foot pain. Thoroughly Dry feet after washing. Dabbing on Listerine mouthwash everyday will kill bacteria that can cause foot pain.

4. If the ball of the foot is painful secure a 3 or 4 inch leather belt and do this exercise to stop the foot pain. Sit on the floor or a couch with a firm back. Position the belt at the ball of the foot, which is right below the toes.This will be as if the foot is being cradled midway between both ends of the belt. With both hands hold the ends of the belt. Cradle the foot in the belt and point the toes upward while gently pulling on both ends of the belt.Keep the foot rigid. Count to 8 and then release slowly. Do this for 10 to 12 times, 3 or 4 times a day to stop foot pain.

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