Garlic is quite healthy and beneficial to use for health benefits. Not only does it taste good, it’s a good health supplement to use as well. A lot of health recipes should include garlic. Although it might be bad for our breath, doesn’t mean it’s bad for our health. Garlic contains a high level of nutrients like manganese, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin C. It also contains nutrients like tryptophan, selenium, calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin B1, copper, and protein.

1. Garlic is extremely beneficial in supporting good heart health. Garlic has been proven to dramatically lower cholesterol, along with lowering blood pressure as well. You should obtain at least 1 garlic clove daily to get the full benefits. Either 1 clove, or about 600 mg. Garlic is part of the mediterranean diet, which promotes good cardiovascular health. Garlic helps eliminate atherosclerosis, which leads to poor hearth health, and heart diseases.

2. Garlic can be anti-cancer. According to scientists, an ingredient called allicin can kill cancer cells. According to studies, garlic can reduce colon cancer, along with prostate cancer. There was 37 studies done to figure out whether garlic is anti-cancer. 28 of them were a success.

3. Garlic promotes weight loss. Garlic can lower your blood pressure. The allicin in garlic helps lower blood pressure. Garlic can help support your weight and burn calories. Probably not the first thing to think of when losing weight, but garlic can help fight off harmful bacteria in your body. Garlic burns fats and support a healthy digestive system.

4. Garlic can reduce dementia. High cholesterol, and cardiovascular disease are some of the ways that can increase dementia. Garlic helps lower bad cholesterol and promotes a healthy heart. It might help in eliminating dementia.

5. Garlic can be used as a herbal medicine. It’s been used as a herbal and natural antibiotic, along with a healing medicine. It’s been a successful medicine in folklore for quite some time. In World War 1, soldiers would use garlic to heal gun wounds. Garlic fights harmful bacteria in the body, can help prevent common illness like colds and flu.

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