There are many people today that use quartz crystal for health reasons. Although scientists have not yet determined how crystal healing works, people throughout the world have experienced the benefits of quartz crystal therapy. Many believe crystals vibrate at the identical pitch as humans, causing the resonance between the two to amplify the vibrations of health or fight off those of certain illnesses.

1. Talk to owners of metaphysical shops in your area to learn about the effects that quartz crystals have on health. The shop owners will be able to guide you in finding the correct crystals for your needs.

2. Read books on the power of using crystals for health reasons such as “Crystal Power, Crystal Healing” by Michael Gienger, which is available at local bookstores or online at Amazon.

3. Visit websites such as Reiki for Holistic Health to learn about the powerful healing benefits of quartz crystals and how to choose and cleanse them the proper way so they can be used for health benefits.

4. Attend workshops on quartz crystal healing and health benefits to learn the proper techniques used in gemstone therapy.

5. Contact a holistic or alternative health center to find locations where you can receive professional quartz crystal therapy treatments from a healing arts, or crystal healing, practitioner.

6. Search the Internet for articles on how to use quartz crystals for self-healing at websites such as Site Worx Gemmagic Colour to learn how to balance your own energy fields.

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