Our ability to understand and respond to what is seen by our eyes is what will be shared in this article. Furthermore, how we arrived with the vision we have and some ways to improve that vision.

1. Much of our environment has to do with our limited vision in the last 10 years. Computer use, artificial lighting and yes, our nutritional status have affected our eyes considerably. Most people are recognizing the health aspect and reading labels on food, changing the diet, for the better to improve vision in that category.

2. Since many jobs revolve around being indoors, under artificial light sources, it is up to the consumer/employee to address the changes that can once again improve vision rather than hinder it. When corporations design work places, making money and looking good seem to be in the forefront rather than safety, better visual work places and people in general. For many employers, they strive to incorporate the good for people in many ways. One such avenue is the suggestion box. This is where anonymously, employees can request changes. Meetings are another way the boss is available to everyone for any improvements that might be revealed. Each of these has to be worded in a gentle manner. Along with pointing out the bad, should be followed with a remedy to fix the complaint. Concentrate on making both effectively, for improving vision.

3. Computers have given us so much and yet done a number on our vision. If you have noticed having tired eyes after working at a computer all day, you know this is true. Our eyes were designed to work for us at all distances. Computers force our eyes to concentrate for long periods of time, at close range. As I mentioned in the last step; state the problem and then follow up with a remedy to fix that ill. The remedies for tired eyes, asking them to focus at close range for long periods of time is not quitting your job.
* Take breaks, even at the keyboard allowing your eyes to look beyond the screen.
* Blink more even if you have to remind yourself to do that involuntary act.
* Leave your work place for your breaks and lunchtime.
* Maintain good posture at your computer chair. This can improve circulation to your entire body and that means eyes too.
* Always keep your hands away from your eyes. You might have touched a place that was not clean enough to introduce that germ/bacteria/dirt/dust to your eyes.

4. Do you exercise your eyes? You should! This is needed for strengthening the muscles that support good vision and better eye health. If you are not familiar with eye exercises, learn them by your ophthalmologist, optometrist, eyesight health sites online and by other reputable professionals.

5. Tips for improved vision if you wear glasses, keep them clean. Not only will your vision be better, but the unwanted debris that lands on the lens will be minimized. For contact lens wearers: use only recommended solutions, change as directed and keep containers very clean and covered when not in use. Washing hands before handling contact lens is a must.

6. Check with your health care professional before instilling anything in the eyes. If you should get some foreign body in the eye, immediately flush with running water for 3 to 5 minutes, blinking as you are flushing.

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