Treating an abscessed tooth is vital because it will get extremely painful if you do not do it correctly.

1. Getting started on a prescription antibiotic is always the first task once an abscess begins. Calling a local dentist and getting an appointment as soon as you can is very important. Starting the prescription as quickly as you can is a great idea, but you need to take Tylenol for pain control as well.

2. Using an ice pack will help minimize the pain associated with an abscessed tooth, and you will need to keep it on your cheek for only about two minutes at a time. The abscess will fill with pus and blood, and then pain will disappear, and by rinsing your mouth often with warm salt water or antiseptic mouthwash will help speed the process along.

3. Continue with the rinses, until your dental appointment where your dentist will irrigates the abscess if needed. The dentist will also make an appointment to remove the tooth. Going to all scheduled appointments with your dentist and following his advice is essential to keep the abscess and pain to a tolerable point.

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