No matter how many times doctors tell people about the many benefits of drinking water, few actually drink enough water in a day. Not only does this deprive your body of the needed fluids for proper functioning, but not getting enough water can actually cause you to feel hungrier than you actually are. If you are thinking of losing weight without going through the effort of a rigorous and tasteless diet, or the difficulties of strenuous exercise, here are ways to drop sizes just by drinking in water.
Drinking Water
1. Before meals:
Drinking water before meals is one of the easiest ways to cheat the feeling of being excessively hungry. While you may have heard of this before, chances are that you do not actually practice it or do it correctly. To reduce your urge to eat through water, you should drink a full glass thirty minutes before each meal. Drinking a few sips will not do the trick, and drinking water immediately before meals will not give the body enough time to process the weight and sensation of fullness that water brings.

2. Just water:
Some people think that chugging in cup after cup of coffee or soda is the same as drinking a full day’s worth of water. In reality, however, you still need to drink in water. In fact, if you have taken in plenty of caffeine through coffee or soda, you will need even more water in order to detoxify the body from the chemicals that you have ingested. Also, sodas have flavorings that stimulate the stomach to eat more food. This includes diet sodas which may have fewer calories, but whose taste can make you start craving for a lemon pie or steak. Regular sodas, on the other hand, are filled with sugars and sweeteners that are rich in calories.

3. Flavor it up:
For some people, water is simply a lot less interesting to drink than that delicious cup of café latte or soda. To help you make water a bit more delicious, try drinking water in different ways. Some people feel more comfortable when drinking chilled water, while others prefer water that is served at room temperature. If you want to add flavor to your water, try fresh fruit extracts instead of dumping in calorie rich and overly sweetened juice drink powder.  By using natural fruit extracts, you add in more flavor and nutrients – without the calories.

4. Eat it:
Finally, you can get more fluids into your system by eating healthy soups and broths in your meals. For dessert, you can try citrus fruits like grapefruit which are filled with natural juices that are healthy and can give you the dose of fluids that you need. In fact, some studies indicate that the famous grapefruit diet works not because of some magical enzymes in the grapefruit, but because of the high water content in citrus fruits in general.

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