For many men, having excess chest fat is a major issue that they would rather not deal with. However, having unsightly chest fat is a common problem for overweight men, giving them the dreaded “man boobs”. Why do some males carry so much chest fat? The main reason is because of their weight problems. They not only have excess chest fat, but they have high overall body fat. Because of this, the only effective way to reduce chest fat for men is to burn off body fat overall. By burning off body fat, you will then be able to reduce fat from chest.

Of course, there are certain exercises that you can perform that specifically targets your chest muscles, or “pecs”. Some of the best exercises for developing chest muscle include bench presses and dumbbell presses. Doing these chest exercises will help build strength and chest muscle; however, they’re not very effective for reducing male chest fat. Indeed, you cannot spot reduce by any means. No amount of pushups, bench presses, or dips will specifically burn off your chest fat. However, using these types of compound exercises as part of a complete workout routine combined with a good diet will help you build muscle, increase metabolism, and ultimately reduce fat on your chest.

Bench press exercise to reduce fat chest – there are many variations of the bench press include flat, incline, and decline bench presses. These target your chest muscles at different angles, but all work to develop and strengthen your chest muscles. It is important to perform bench presses with proper form, and you may need a spotter to help you out and motivate you. Aim to use a weight that allows you to perform no more than six reps.

Dumbbell presses are one of the most effective chest exercises that add an additional degree of difficulty compared to bench press – balance. By holding a dumbbell in each hand, you must work to balance them during the exercise movement, making it more difficult. With dumbbells, you also have a slightly wider range of motion.

Getting rid of chest fat is not an easy task, but with consistent effort, you can be successful. While the chest exercises mentioned here will help you develop your chest muscles, to reduce fat on chest, you still need to have a good diet and nutrition program in place, along with a good entire body workout routine.

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