The keys to this treatment are:

1. The fusion of all-natural anti-inflammatory ingredients long known to decrease visible flushing and redness. These botanicals work to help constrict blood vessels near the surface of the skin.
2. The addition of all-natural bacteria fighting agents work immediately to help kill any causative bacteria on the surface of the skin to prevent the breakouts that often accompany Rosacea.
3. The use of all-natural collagen boosters. Collagen networks within the skin are often weakened in people that suffer from Rosacea. These networks need to be maintained and strengthened and since they naturally weaken as you age, helping boost them is vital in preventing flare-ups and making the skin heal faster.

The key to managing skin with Rosacea is recognizing that the skin is suffering an inflammatory response. Absolutely no way should harsh cleansers and toners be used. The natural oils on the skin must be regulated to allow the skin to form its own defenses against any harmful bacteria or environmental distress. We recommend the following regime as a starting point for treatment.

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