Many families are seeking all-inclusive care for their elderly loved ones. But with the price tag of these services reaching figures very high, it can be difficult to find the right program at a reasonable price.
Elderly Care
1. Evaluate the location. All-inclusive care facilities should be close to shopping and community activities. This provides the elderly an opportunity to get out and participate in activities. If the facility isn’t located in a town, make sure there is regular transportation available.

2. Ask about staffing. The appeal of an all-inclusive facility is the 24-hour staff availability. Make sure there is a doctor or nurse on site around the clock to assist with medical needs.

3. Evaluate the living space. There is a wide range of living spaces available, from studio apartments to full-size apartments. Determine which situation will be most suitable for your loved one within your budget constraints.

4. Speak with other families to discuss their experiences with the facility. This will give you piece of mind that proper care will be provided.

5. Ask about medical procedures. Since most elderly individuals require medication and consistent medical care, ask about their approach to handling these situations. How do they document additional symptoms a patient is experiencing, and how do they check for potential drug interactions with new prescriptions?

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