A migraine can stop you dead in your tracks. If you suffer from migraines you know how the pain can keep you from the things you want and need to do for hours or even days. Here are some steps to help treat a migraine and get back to living.

1. The best treatment for migraines is to avoid getting a migraine in the first place. Many foods can trigger a migraine, and these foods vary from person to person. Common food triggers include red wine, coffee, cheese, chocolate, meats cured with nitrates and MSG. Track your food intake and take note if a certain food seems to trigger migraines for you.

2. Another common cause for migraines is stress. Whether you are trying to avoid a migraine or treat one coming on, find ways to deal with stress. Some ways to relieve stress include going for a walk, journaling, and guided imagery.

3. Bright light , or any light, for that matter, can exacerbate a migraine. If you are suffering from a migraine, try and find a dark, quiet place where you can be alone to treat it.

4. Once you are in a dark calm spot, lie down. A lavender eye pillow will help keep light out and treats your migraine with relaxing aromatherapy. If possible, go to sleep for a while.

5. If your migraines have recently begun or gotten worse, see a doctor, as medical factors can trigger or mimic migraines.

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