Dance Fitness  classes are a great way to get into shape and help shed a few pounds. Dance fitness combines the fun of dance with a cardio and aerobic workout designed to work your muscles, heart and often help increase your flexibility. Dance fitness programs, unlike other workouts have the flexibility of being done anywhere you can stand up and have room to move around. Dance fitness programs can help improve your posture, and also teach you a few moves to show off the next time you go out on a weekend night.

1. There are many different types of dance fitness programs available. Check with your local gym or dance studio to see what types of classes are offered, the degree of difficulty as well as for brief descriptions of the classes.

2. Consider your own physical activity capability. If you are a beginner, consider slower temp classes such as ballet or ballroom. If you are in physical rehabilitation or suffering from previous injury, consider an aqua aerobics dance class taught in the pool for a low impact exercise.

3. Sign up for your classes and make sure you attend. Often times guest passes are available so that you can sample the classes before making a firm commitment. If you are interested in trying out different types of classes, inquire as to whether there is an all access pass.

4. Research your classes:
The following is a brief description of some of the popular types of dance fitness programs offered at various locations and gyms.

* Aquatic Dance – Aquatic dance programs can incorporate a multitude of dance styles including ballet and yoga. Performing exercise in water provides a low impact environment. Aquatic dance programs can range in difficulty from beginner classes focusing on flexibility and coordination to advanced classes designed for an aerobic workout.

* Ballet – Ballet uses mellow music and is great for beginner to intermediate ability. Ballet focuses on posture which helps promote flexibility as well as build strength.

* Latin Dance – There are a variety of Latin dance fitness programs to choose from. Some popular types include salsa, rumba and samba. Latin dance fitness classes incorporate vibrant and upbeat Latin music with quick steps and turns for a vigorous cardiovascular workout.

* Belly dance – Belly dance fitness programs combines upbeat Arabic music with sultry moves. Belly dance works out both the lower body as well as the core and upper body. Quick steps and fast music will provide a good aerobic workout while the unique movements will workout those often neglected core and oblique muscles.

* Jazz – Jazz exercise programs incorporate popular jazz moves with the excitement of jazz music. These classes will help improve posture and flexibility while allowing you to burn calories.

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