Remember when you husband could pick you up with ease? Oh how those days can quickly fade, but contrary to popular belief, it is my opinion that female weight gain after marriage is NOT due to the fact that the woman has now caught the man and can thus let herself go. That’s such a misogynistic view and I believe just plain wrong. There are however a significant amount of women who gain a noticeable amount of weight after marriage. Here are some of the reasons:

Your new Celebratory State! Many women spend their single lives looking for that perfect someone. When you finally meet your mate of a lifetime, you now have a PERMANENT date, hopefully for life. You don’t have to worry who you’ll see the new movie with, who you’ll go grocery shopping with or who you can try out every new restaurant (that you refused to go to alone) with. Let’s face it going out with the girls to all these events can get old. We were created to enjoy companionship from the opposite sex and when we find it, boy are we in a celebratory state! What comes with just about all of these celebrations: EATING – good food and good drink. Believe me going out (especially much more than you did as a single person) and enjoying the world as a married couple can pack on the pounds Fast!

Added stress! Woman are natural worriers and at the very least we worry more than men. When someone new and so very special is added to your life this is someone that you will stress about daily. Good stress or bad. You’ll worry and pray that they make it safely to work and back home, you’ll stress on whether they are taking care of their health (so many men just don’t), you’ll stress over some arguments that seem to come up only after marriage and not during the courtship, you’ll stress about his parents or you new in-laws who may or may not be what you expected, you’ll stress over juggling your work life and new personal life, you’ll stress over events and parties you will have to attend and prepare for new family, friends and co-workers in your life due to your new marriage. Believe me you will have added stress. It is proven that most of us turn to food for comfort when we’re stressed. These stresses will all be new to you; no better reason to turn to something familiar for comfort: FOOD. This will pack on the pounds!

Childbirth! Many women, once married or remarried have children with their new husband, even if they already have children from previous relationships. Weight gain during child birth can be major and some of the toughest weight to lose. Don’t forget that in addition to being pregnant you have the previous two factors: Celebration of a new Marriage & Stress – that can add additional pounds to your natural weight gain during pregnancy. This weight can be depressing to a woman and that too can add pounds. So when you see a newly married women who has gained weight, be kind and empathetic. If you couldn’t think of why on earth this could happen to someone so previously slim, now you have something to dwell on. Help with encouragement to workout with them, babysit or suggest alternative food choices when the new wife goes out to eat. All these can help a woman to lose that weight that many of us inevitably gain after marriage.

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