Distilled water has been purified with a distiller which turns water into steam by boiling, thus eliminating any extra substances, then condenses it back into water. The only kind of bottled water which definitely contains only water is labeled as distilled. With distilled water, you do not have to be concerned about bacteria, chemicals or other contaminants. You can create this purified water at home with a distiller, or buy it in gallon containers at the grocery store.

1. No Microscopic Contaminants:
Distillation removes microscopic contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa, all of which sometimes occur in tap and other types of bottled water in minuscule amounts.

2. No Added Chemicals:
Distillation removes chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine, which are commonly added to tap water and may appear in other types of bottled water.

3. No Farm or Garden Chemicals:
Additional chemical contaminants which have been found in other types of bottled water in amounts acceptable under federal standards include fertilizer residue, herbicides and pesticides. These are eliminated from distilled water.

4. No Inorganic Chemicals:
Distillation removes any trace of inorganic chemicals, such as disinfectants and asbestos originating from factories, mines and other facilities. Again, federal regulations allow very tiny amounts of inorganic chemicals in other types of bottled water.

5. No Sodium or Other Minerals:
Distilled water has no salt, calcium, iron or magnesium, the most common minerals in tap and bottled water.

6. Flushes Away Mineral Deposits:
According to the Academy of Natural Healing, drinking distilled water can flush away mineral deposits accumulated in joints, preventing arthritis, and in cells, preventing conditions such as gallstones.

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