If you regularly use multiple gmail accounts and are a fan of Google chrome browser, you might be looking for easier ways to manage and check all your emails. I have come across a chrome extension which performs exactly like the old Gmail Manager for Firefox. Simple Mail Checker for Gmail is the name of the extension and is useful even for managing Google apps email along with the free gmail accounts.

Not only you can save the passwords of various gmail accounts into this, but you get alerts and its easier to check multiple accounts as the cookies of one account don’t interfere with another account and you can switch easily. Even though google now support switching between multiple gmail accounts, this extension makes it a lot easier. Further many people have multiple Google apps emails like marketing@yourname.com , sales@yourdomain.com which are handled by a single person and in such scenarios Simple Mail Checker for Gmail works like wonders.  You can download the extension from this link: Simple Mail Checker for Gmail.

This Gmail manager also has the option to set the time interval between alerts and the option to play sound for alert too. To enable google apps email , one will have to check the BOX named “Google Apps account has been transitioned.” on the settings page of the extension. Also the layout can be changed from a square button in the top right corner just besides the Settings link. Overall a must extension for anybody working with multiple gmail accounts in chrome browser.


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