Got banned from Adsense? Looking for alternatives?

A lot of good sites or blogs over the net do not entirely depend on Google adsense for revenue. But the fact remains, that majority of sites today consider adsense as the best source for revenue. There is no two opinions about whether adsense is best or not? It’s a known fact that Google adsense provides the maximum revenue for contextual ad publishers. But what if you got banned from Google adsense program?

Even though some may manage to correct the mistake and ask Google adsense to reconsider the site, the vast majority of people do not get a site back to the adsense programs.

So whats the best alternative?

1. If your sites traffic is good enough, you can consider joining several of the popular banner advertising programs like Tribal Fusion or Value Click Media. You can also consider pop-under programs and the one I recommend is Edomz, you can signup here for the program.  This one pays decent eCPM and pays for traffic all over the world and also for traffic from Asian countries.  For anybody who has got banned from adsense, the above link should be the first option. And they pay by Paypal, Moneybookers as well as Egold within 2-3 days of request with just a minimum payout limit of $5.

2. Another efficient way is to divert the traffic from display banners on the banned sites to other unbanned sites of yours.  Here you should be very careful – Do not use any kind of redirect or illegal means to divert traffic. Placing a banner with content matching the target site is the only correct method to divert traffic. If you try any other wrong method, in the end you will stand to lose.

3. Try affiliate programs: A lot of affiliate programs pay for action rather than clicks or impressions. If your site has huge traffic which can covert for a certain product then you should search for affiliate programs related to that product.

Overall, of the all the available alternatives to adsense like Chitika, Clicksor, Adbrite and others I recommend the pop under advertising using eDomz. –Signup


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